How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Communication is the key to achieving the end goal in every facet of life, especially in business. The ability to properly communicate your brand message to consumers and potential buyers lays a solid ground to build a lasting relationship. This is the easiest way to turn a potential into a customer and a customer into a recurring client over the years. 

With everything going social in modern times, brands and consumers engage with each other through more advanced means rather than the conventional methods of email and calls. Social media apps like X and messaging apps like WhatsApp are playing a vital role in bridging the gap between companies and consumers. 

WhatsApp is especially notable here as it’s the undoubted leader of all messaging apps and mediums in the world with more than 2 billion active users. People spend a lot of time on this app conversing with friends, family, and clients. To separate the two factors, domestic and commercial, WhatsApp has introduced a business-first version of the app as well— WhatsApp Business. 

Sometimes things can get confusing and users end up deleting important messages on WhatsApp and get frustrated. The feature was introduced by WhatsApp back in 2017 to help people retrieve embarrassing messages they accidentally send to each other. Moreover, with everyone on the app, you could accidentally send sensitive information about your business or other matters to someone who is not supposed to see it. The feature tackled both of these matters smartly but like anything else, there is a downside to it as well. 

If you unintentionally delete messages on your WhatsApp, don’t worry. There is a way to recover your deleted messages with ease, just read on and find out how you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Business. 

WhatsApp business is a great communication tool for businesses introduced by WhatsApp allowing people to engage with their potential prospects and current clients. To tackle the problem of accidentally deleting messages and to answer the question of how to check deleted messages in WhatsApp, WhatsApp business comes with the built-in ability to retrieve these messages. Simply go to the notification history to check your deleted messages. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Android users. 

How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp? (Android)

With the access and ease of use brought forward by cloud storage, taking a backup of your chats is just as easy as ABC. Android devices take automatic backups of chats every day if you have enabled the backup option. Another important aspect of the process is to connect your drive with the app as well. 

Suppose you delete an important chat, just go to your drive data and retrieve the important chats from there. Another way is to delete WhatsApp on your device and reinstall it. During the completion of the process, the app will ask you to recover old chats and from here you can restore your past chats. 

There is another way to achieve this by using third-party apps. Before we get into this topic, it’s important to mention that all third-party apps should be vetted before allowing access to your WhatsApp chats as some of these apps might be prone to data theft. 

One of the safe applications out there is the “DiskDigger” app. The process to retrieve your messages using this app is simple,

Install the app, allow a basic scan,  wait for the data to be updated, select the chat you want to retrieve, and voila! You can read the important information that was deleted accidentally. 

How to Check Deleted Messages in WhatsApp? (iOS)

The process to check deleted messages from your WhatsApp chat on iOS is somewhat similar to Android but with some minor changes. With iOS, you can save your chats using iTunes and access the deleted files and conversations from there. 

The latest iOS version allows automatic backup with iCloud services. The data in your WhatsApp including chats and files are backed up with robust and easy-to-access cloud storage. From here you can even check the last backup date to pinpoint which conversation you want to retrieve instead of the entire data. It’s important to mention here that you must be using the same Apple ID for both iCloud and Whatsapp to optimally complete the process of chat retrieval. 

Just like Android, you can uninstall the WhatsApp application on your phone and reinstall it. During the reinstall process tap on the restore button to retrieve deleted chats backed up by iCloud. 

Moreover, you can use third-party apps like Dr. Fone to retrieve deleted chats from WhatsApp. Simply download the app, allow it to access your WhatsApp data, and tap on the “recover from iPhone” button to access previously erased messages from your favorite messaging app. Another popular app for this purpose is Tenorshare Ultdata. This app works in the same vein as Dr. Fone. Install the app and allow a full scan of the device and then tap on the recover from iPhone button to check your old deleted conversations. 


Humans have an innate desire to find the unknown and hidden aspects whether it’s a new element of the periodic table or an unintentionally erased message. The invention of the Internet and WhatsApp is the result of the same curiosity where someone wanted to see whether they can achieve it or not. The desire to see what’s there but not visible urged people to demand the feature of retrieving deleted messages and the question of how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp surfaced. In this blog, we have mentioned the easiest and most popular ways to restore old messages. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp.

Is it possible to check deleted messages on iPhone and Android? 

Yes, there are several easy ways to retrieve old chats for both iPhone and Android.

Can I retrieve messages from my iPhone in the same way as Android?

No, unfortunately, both operating systems work differently but have the same approach to the solution. 

How can I retrieve chats from iOS?

You can take backups regularly and easily retrieve deleted chats from iTunes or iCloud for newer versions. Moreover, you can get help from third-party apps to restore old or deleted chats. 

How Can I restore messages with Android devices?

With Android, you can backup data with the drive and restore from there depending on your last backup and use third-party apps for this purpose as well. One of these apps is mentioned in the blog above. 

Can I restore deleted messages without a backup? 

Yes, you can use third-party apps and WhatsApp Chrome Extensions to retrieve deleted chats without taking a backup. These apps deep scan your phone to access these deleted files. It’s vital to choose authentic apps to avoid any data theft. 

Can I recover specific messages? 

Yes, you can check the backup schedule and pinpoint which one is close to your deleted messages date and retrieve your particular messages.

Can I see deleted messages in WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp business doesn’t allow senders to delete messages once delivered to the receiver. The message will be deleted from the sender’s chat and will be available for the reader. 

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