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Updated on Apr 30, 2024


WhatsApp Business has become a well-known tool in the modern-day marketing world. Personalization is the key to a successful marketing campaign and WhatsApp is the most powerful tool to reach out to customers on a personal level. In this guide, you can explore how WhatsApp marketing segmentation can maximize ROI and minimize the risk of customer abandonment. It will unveil the key strategies that both new and old, small and big companies can adopt to amplify their marketing game and achieve their revenue goals. 

In this guide you can learn:

  • What is customer segmentation in WhatsApp marketing?
  • Why is customer segmentation important?
  • Strategies used for effective customer segmentation
  • Customer segmentation while using WAWCD chrome extension special features
  • What is customer segmentation in WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp customer segmentation includes dividing your audience into small groups by shared characteristics and common traits. Then, these groups help businesses to create messages and campaigns for particular segments. Both big and small companies can use the tool of customer segmentation by collecting data about their customers based on their preferences, activity on your site, purchase history, and personal information about their age, city, gender, and choices. Your WhatsApp history can help in segmenting the customers into required groups. By using segmentation methods, each company can send personalized messages and campaigns that resonates with their specific needs and buying patterns.

Why is customer segmentation important? 

Segmenting is not just about sending messages it’s about sending the right message to the right person and at the right time. There are many reasons why you should opt for segmenting customers right away:

  1. Targeting customers to convert again

The backbone of any business is the old and loyal customers. It is easier and cheaper to bring back old customers for repeated sales than new sales. You can use targeted incentives to reward loyal customers. It builds loyalty with your brand as those satisfied customers refer other people to your business. You can use purchase history data to segment customers and then tailor special messages according to their interests. Loyal customers can be rewarded by discount offers or coupons for continuity in your sales. You can also suggest complementary products to them based on their prior purchases. 

  1. Earn back likely-to-lose customers

There are many reasons that refrain customers from shopping from your company. Trying to get all customers back can waste time and money too. So, you can check your data (past purchases, info, and activity) to segment these customers into main three or four types and then send them target messages. For instance, 

  • Customers who basically came through referrals
  • Customers who’ve recommended you to others 
  • Customers who have added articles to their cart and then abandoned 

So, you have to focus on these types of customers and address their complaints. It is more likely for them to give you a second chance. 

  1. Increased ROI and lower cost of conversion

When you personalize your outreach, it increases your return on investment (ROI). All your customers are not on the same level, some customers are loyal and they don’t need to hear from you again and again, yet some customers need perks and benefits like free shipping and discount coupons. Segmenting your audience will let you tailor your messages according to their needs and not send them all the same unfiltered messages. Segmenting contacts means contracting with your customers on the level of their relationship with your business. It will also increase your overall outreach. 

  1. Identify valuable customers through customer segmentation

Targeted messaging brings valuable insight to you about the customers. If, after emailing your customers you are seeing a positive impact on the revenue then you can only get a general insight of the sales. By observing customers past behavior, you can segment them and you can see which group resonates with your messages the most. You can also get insight into the common behavior of the contacts of a certain group. After getting these insights, companies can create their campaigns and start new promotions according to their customer’s interests.

Strategies used for effective customer segmentation

There are various ways to approach the strategy of effective customer segmentation. Knowing the importance of segmentation and building a roadmap to reach it, both are key factors in WhatsApp marketing. Let’s explore some effective methods in customer segmenting.

  1. Products Purchased

This is the segment of people who are your old customers and purchased one or more products from you. You can create a group of these customers and send them messages regarding pre-launch sales, info videos about new products, and new versions of their already-bought products. For example, if you have a clothing store and there are people who have bought hoodies from you. It is also expected that they are likely to buy caps. So, you can create a segment of people who bought hoodies and then send them recommendations for caps. This segment will also help you in the future to get positive feedback and 5-star reviews on your products. Positive reviews will build trust in your brand and increase sales. 

  1. Get more subscriptions:

If you are selling items that are usually consumed or being used in 2 or 3 months, there is a great chance that people will buy again. You can create a segment of these people who are more likely to buy your product at regular intervals. For example, food-related items or groceries need regular re-stocking. You can then offer a subscription to those customers who are periodic buyers. The benefit of this type of segmentation is, it will guarantee you a fixed number of customers and sales every month. This type of segmentation will help you to make long-term strategies about your business. These customers will eventually become your fans and increase the chance of word-of-mouth marketing. 

  1. Types of customers

Customers can be filtered by their value into three types, high value, medium value, and low value. Their value is suggested by the money they spent on your store and the interest they showed in your products. In this tier, your aim should be to move customers from low value to medium and medium to high value. You can create groups and send more aggressive campaigns to low-value and medium-value customers and send ‘fall-back’ campaigns to high-value customers to retain them for longer periods. An ideal campaign for all these customers should offer a range of products with a wide range of prices.

  1. Location Segment

People can also be segmented by their shipping location and billing location. In this kind of segmenting by using the pin code, you can send highly in-demand products to the physical store of that area. You can also send target messages about the store launch and store-wise sales and discount offers to the relevant people in that particular area.

Other than these segmentations you can also tag or label your customer as ‘dissatisfied’ who gave you the low ratings and further work on their queries. People who always want discounts as ‘discount lovers’. This type of segmentation with labeling can help you to send meaningful messages to the customers, otherwise with sending irrelevant and unnecessary messages people will get annoyed and build a bad impression about your business.

Customer segmentation by using WAWCD (WhatsApp Chrome extension) 

WAWCD made it easy to create segments based on the interests of customers and purchase history. In this section, we will explain how you can create different types of groups or labels while using WAWCD.

  • First, you have to open your Chrome extension and go to the dashboard. 
  • Then, you have to click on the tab of bulk messaging. It will lead to the window of targeted, manual, CSV broadcasts and reports. 
  • After clicking on Targeted broadcast, three options are given to you. Chats, groups, and labels. 
  • So, here in the groups tab, you can download any group of contacts that you have made and present in your files. You create groups of customers according to the above-mentioned rules and preferences. This segmentation can help you to do better-targeted messaging. 
  • In labels, you can also add customers with different tags and labels for more precise and efficient broadcasts. 
  • You can also create four different types of templates according to your groups and segments in targeted and manual broadcasts.  
  • In CSV broadcast, you can upload files of contacts you have already chosen to send messages to. While creating those files, you should segment your customers accordingly. 
  • In the reports tab, you can see how many messages are successfully delivered and how many are failed. (Currently, we are working on the reports tab, adding more features to it and making it more useful for both customers and businesses). 

By using the reports tab, you can get insights from your customers. It will help you to do better segmenting and labeling of customers. The platform of WAWCD has a lot of other features like, export chat, smart replies with ChatGPT, and Bulk messaging, etc. 



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