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by Tim

Updated on May 1, 2024


WhatsApp bulk messaging plays a vital role in modern marketing strategies, especially for companies and businesses. The dominating edge it has, is, its reach and immediacy with an audience of over 2 billion currently worldwide.

What does the Bulk messaging broadcast mean?

  • WhatsApp bulk messaging refers to the capacity of WhatsApp to send a large number of marketing messages to multiple recipients at your desired time. Mostly this tool is used by businesses and companies to reach a great number of audiences and achieve their revenue-generating goals. In this process, they use the tools:
  • Promoting products
  • Sharing important announcements
  • Updating customers about sales and promotions
  • Replying to customers' queries and feedback

With the use of WhatsApp Bulk messaging companies can reach a larger audience in less time and budget. 

Importance of WhatsApp Bulk messaging for businesses in 2023:

In 2023, WhatsApp is dominating the message app market with more active users than any other messaging app worldwide. So, companies will be at a loss if they ignore this powerful platform for connecting with their customers. WhatsApp is a user-friendly app with high engagement rates which makes it a perfect tool of advertisement for companies. One key benefit of WhatsApp bulk messaging is that it allows tailored messages, enabling businesses to approach their customers according to their preferences and or behavior. With the ability to provide efficient customer service by addressing their queries promptly, WhatsApp is fostering a relationship of trust and reliability with its customers. 

Furthermore, in today’s competitive market, WhatsApp provides cost-effective services with more friendly rates and packages. Compared with old advertisement techniques, WhatsApp is a more low-budget, widespread, and user-friendly network which makes it a must-have for businesses and organizations in 2023. Now, WhatsApp has become a strategic choice for businesses because of its high ROI rates and unlimited reach. 

WhatsApp Broadcasting feature:

WhatsApp has its own broadcasting feature, you can send messages or media files by choosing the contacts and it will deliver to all the recipients separately. This feature is useful for sending greetings, information, and announcements to a large number of people without creating a group chat. But this WhatsApp feature has some limitations as follows;

  • Recipients can’t interact with each other within the broadcast, it’s a one-way communication between the recipient and the sender only. 
  • WhatsApp broadcasting feature has a limit of recipients per broadcast, as of my last update, it was limited to 256 recipients at once. 
  • All messages in the broadcast are identical in a broadcast you cannot create personalized messages for individual recipients. 
  • The broadcast cannot override any person’s privacy settings, if someone does not have your number saved or doesn’t want to receive a broadcast, they won’t. 

Due to these limitations WhatsApp's broadcast feature limits the option of bulk messaging for business purposes. 

WhatsApp Business API: Latest features Update:

  • One of the key benefits of WhatsApp is its ability to integrate with third-party apps. Businesses can use the data they collect on WhatsApp to connect with customers from broader perspectives.
  • WhatsApp Business API has a feature for companies to verify their accounts, which includes the coveted green tick. With this additional feature, companies build trust among their customers as a reliable and trustworthy brand to interact with.  
  • WhatsApp Business API can use their own CRM systems or WhatsApp business solution provider to manage their WhatsApp communications and don’t need a separate App or interface. 
  • Large businesses which receive a high volume of customer inquiries need multi-agent access to customer support which WhatsApp business API allows to their users. So, it helps to improve the response time. 

WhatsApp commerce is a rising trend in e-commerce. This allows businesses to sell products directly to their customers while using the new medium of WhatsApp catalogs, automated order management, direct purchases, and customer support. 

WAWCD bulk messaging: Step-by-step guide 

Make a wise decision and connect your WhatsApp business account with the best service provider like WAWCD for bulk messaging and other services. For bulk messaging follow these simple steps; 

  • First, you have to download the WAWCD Chrome extension, connect it with your WhatsApp business, select the payment method, and get the authorization key. 
  • After that, choose the fifth tab” Bulk messaging” from the main menu. 
  • It will open the window of bulk messaging with the features of;
  1. Targeted broadcast 
  2. Manual broadcast
  3. CSV broadcast
  4. Reports

Targeted Broadcast

  • By clicking on targeted broadcast, you can send your desired and tailored message to all your WhatsApp chats (contacts, saved or not saved). You can also send four types of templates, from choose a template option.
  • You can also add delay time between messages so that they are not considered Spam messages by WhatsApp.
  • In targeted messaging, there are options for groups and labels too. Where you can send messages to different group participants separately, that you are part of. (Currently, the WAWCD team is working on this feature).

Manual Broadcast

  • In manual broadcast, you can choose contact numbers and put them in the given “numbers” tab, again you can select multiple templates.
  • Another feature of manual broadcasting is that you can schedule the messaging time and date, as per your client's convenience, and for better marketing reach.

CSV Broadcast

  • In CSV broadcast, you can select a CSV file of contact numbers saved in your documents. (make sure all numbers start with the country code e.g., +44)
  • In CVS broadcast again you can choose multiple templates and delay time between messages.

Broadcast Reports

  • Currently, reports show only how many messages were delivered successfully and how many failed. (The WAWCD team is still working on reports, improving its capacity to show more statistics regarding sent messages)

  1. How to make Bulk Broadcast messaging more effective;

There are some precautions that you need to take while sending Bulk messages to customers to ensure a successful message campaign and lower the risk of being blocked by WhatsApp;

  • Using templates wisely and efficiently
  • Craft more engaging messages
  • Choose the right time slats for sending messages
  • Add time delay between messages


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