How to Export Chat History from WhatsApp Web using WAWCD: The Best WhatsApp Chrome Extension

by Tim

Updated on May 30, 2024


Tired of losing precious WhatsApp conversations to accidental deletions or device upgrades? We've all been there - that sinking feeling when you realize months' worth of chat history is gone in an instant. From hilarious memes to important documents, those messages hold memories and information you can't afford to lose. But what if there was an easy way to safely backup your entire WhatsApp chat history with just a few clicks? Here comes WAWCD, the best WhatsApp Chrome extension that gives you full control over your chats. Exporting and backing up your WhatsApp texts is a breeze with WAWCD. This way, you'll never lose another important chat again.

Why Choose WAWCD to Export WhatsApp Chat History?

You need a way to export your WhatsApp chats that is easy, safe, and gives you full control. That's exactly what WAWCD gives you. Because of these main points, it's the best option for all your WhatsApp chat past export needs:

1. Comprehensive Backup Capabilities:

  • WAWCD backs up all of your important WhatsApp conversations and makes sure they are always available, whether they are personal memories or important work conversations.
  • Whether for individual or professional use, you can trust WAWCD to safeguard your entire chat history with just a few clicks.

2. Efficient Storage Management:

  • Does your phone's memory get low? You can export and offload your chat history to external storage with WAWCD, which is the perfect option. 
  • Your conversations will be safely backed up and kept in order, and this will free up room on your device.

3. Compliance and Record-Keeping:  

  • For businesses, having accurate records is necessary for legal and audit reasons. WAWCD makes it easy to export and keep full archives of all WhatsApp conversations.
  • Meet data retention policies with ease and have peace of mind knowing your organization's WhatsApp records are fully compliant.

4. User-Friendly Interface:

  • The chat export process is easy and quick, even for people who aren't tech-savvy, thanks to WAWCD's simple design.
  • Anyone can back up their WhatsApp data in just a few easy steps with clear instructions and directions.

5. Flexible Export Options:

  • WAWCD gives you the flexibility to export chat history in CSV or VCF formats based on your preferences and requirements.
  • You can also selectively export specific chat types like groups, individuals or labeled conversations for added convenience.

6. Enhanced Security:

  • WAWCD cares very much about your safety. Strong security measures are built into the app to keep your data safe during the whole export process.
  • Don't worry—your saved chat files will still be safe, and you can even store them encrypted to keep others from seeing them.


The safest and easiest way to export your chat history from WhatsApp Web is through WAWCD. This is true whether you need to make room, keep records, or just keep your favorite memories safe. You can rest easy knowing that it has strong but easy-to-use features.

How to Export Chat History from WhatsApp Web using WAWCD

When it comes to actually exporting your WhatsApp chat history using WAWCD, the process is delightfully simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Install WAWCD Extension

  • First things first, you'll need to add the WAWCD extension to your Chrome browser. Head over to the Chrome Web Store using this link and click "Add to Chrome" to install it.
  • Once installed, you'll see the WAWCD icon in your browser toolbar. It's now ready to use with WhatsApp Web!

Step 2: Access the Export Feature

  • Open WhatsApp Web in your Chrome browser and log into your account as usual.
  • Click on the WAWCD extension icon in the toolbar to open up the extension interface.
  • Navigate to the "Export" section this is where all the export magic happens!

Step 3: Select Chat Type 

  • You can choose very carefully what parts of your chat logs you want to export with WAWCD.
  • You have the option to export all of your WhatsApp talks, or you can choose to export only group chats, one-on-one conversations, or chats that have been filtered by labels.
  • This selective export ability is extremely handy if you only need to backup or archive certain types of conversations.

Step 4: Choose Export Format

  • Once you've selected the chats to export, WAWCD allows you to choose between two industry-standard formats: CSV or VCF.
  • The CSV format exports chat history into a spreadsheet format, perfect for importing into other applications or parsing large conversation logs.
  • The VCF (vCard) format is great for exporting contact information that you can seamlessly sync with your phone's address book or other contact managers.

Step 5: Apply Filters (if any)

  • WAWCD lets you add filters to your files if you want to have even more control. You can choose to export only saved contacts or both saved and unsaved numbers. You can also filter by date groups.
  • These filters let you choose which friends or time periods to include or leave out of your chat exports based on your needs.

Step 6: Export and Save

  • With just a few clicks, you can make your export settings just right. Now just press the "Export" button!
  • Then WAWCD will do its magic and export your chat history to the file type you choose.
  • You'll be asked to save or download the saved file to your computer when it's done.


When you follow these easy steps, you can get the most out of WAWCD's powerful WhatsApp chat export features. Don't lose important chat histories ever again!

Pro Tips for Using WAWCD Chat Exporter

While WAWCD makes exporting your WhatsApp chat history incredibly easy, there are a few pro tips that can take your experience to the next level:

1. Automating Regular Backups

  • Don't want to manually export your chats every week/month? WAWCD allows you to schedule automated exports on a recurring basis.
  • Simply set your desired frequency, chat types, filters and format preferences and WAWCD will handle the exports like clockwork.
  • This ensures you always have an up-to-date backup without any extra effort on your part.

2. Syncing Contacts to Phone

  • Exported your WhatsApp contacts as a VCF file but not sure how to get them on your phone? WAWCD's got you covered!
  • The extension provides simple instructions to upload the VCF file and sync all those contacts directly to your phone's address book.
  • Now you can seamlessly access all those WhatsApp contacts from your regular dialer or other apps.

3. Number Naming Conventions 

  • When exporting contacts, WAWCD automatically names them based on several factors to maintain consistency.
  •  For saved contacts, it uses the name from your phone's address book.
  •  For unsaved numbers, it tries to use the WhatsApp user's name if available.

WAWCD vs Other WhatsApp Export Tools

With so many WhatsApp utilities out there, why should you choose WAWCD for exporting your chat history? Here's how it stacks up:

1. Comparison of Key Features

  • WAWCD offers the complete package from basic export functions to advanced filters, scheduling and more.
  • Many other tools are limited in export formats, don't allow filtering, and lack automation capabilities.

2. Ease of Use

  • Thanks to its well-designed interface and guided process, WAWCD is one of the simplest WhatsApp exporters to use.
  • Some competing tools have clunky interfaces or expect users to have technical knowledge of things like developer APIs.

3. Flexibility

  • With WAWCD you get unmatched flexibility to export any chat type, save in your preferred format, schedule automated backups and more.
  • Most other exporters offer rigid, one-size-fits-all experiences with limited customization.

4. Pricing 

  • As a free Chrome extension, WAWCD delivers exceptional value compared to paid WhatsApp export utilities.
  • You get a robust, frequently updated solution at zero cost - a tough deal to beat!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use WAWCD?

Absolutely! WAWCD cares about keeping your info safe. Your chat information is safe during the export process because of strong encryption and strict safety measures.


Can I export media files using WAWCD?

At the moment, WAWCD works on exporting chat histories as text files. We're always making changes to better meet your needs, so media file export isn't enabled yet.


Are there limits on exports with WAWCD?

Nope! WAWCD doesn't restrict your exports. Whether it's one chat or many, you can export freely, ensuring your data is always accessible.


Does WAWCD offer support and documentation?

Indeed! If you have any questions, our customer service team is here to help. We also give you detailed instructions to help you through every step.


It's more important than ever to back up your WhatsApp chat information safely in this message-based world. You have full control over WAWCD because it is both strong and easy to use.


It is the best WhatsApp Chrome application for the job because it has flexible export formats, filtering tools, scheduling options, and an easy-to-use interface. You no longer have to worry about losing data by mistake or running out of space.


Install WAWCD today for personal or business use, and with just a few clicks you'll be able to export your full WhatsApp Web chat history without any problems. Keep your important talks safe for years to come!


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