May 4, 2024


WAWCD allows you to save your WhatsApp contacts in CSV and Vcard formats, providing various options for exporting contacts. Let's delve deeper into the available options in our WhatsApp Chrome extension:

All Contacts:

With this option, you can export all your contacts from WhatsApp chats and your phone contacts combined.


This option allows you to save contacts from chats and choose from the types explained below.


With the Group option, you can select single or multiple groups to export contacts from the selected group.


If you're using WhatsApp Business, you can label any of your contacts. Then, using the WAWCD Chrome extension, you can export all contacts with the specific label that you choose in the selected menu.

What does Option Types Mean?

All: All contacts from your WhatsApp chat.

Saved: Only numbers saved in your phone contact list.

Unsaved: All numbers from your WhatsApp chat that are not saved.

What does Option Formats Mean?

You can choose between CSV or Vcard formats. With CSV, all contacts will be exported into an Excel sheet, and the Vcard option helps you save all contacts to your phone.

How to Save All Your WhatsApp Contacts in Your Phone?

Choose the Vcard format and send that Vcard to your phone where you want to save those contacts. Open the Vcard file on your phone, and it will give you the option to save. Please note that sometimes on mobile, it only shows one contact, but when you try saving it to your phone, all contacts get saved.

How Do the Numbers' Naming Work?

If the number is saved in your phone, WAWCD names the contact with the same name you've given to the specific number in your phone. If the number is not saved in your phone, then the WAWCD tool looks for the WhatsApp username and assigns that number to the specific contact. If no username is given, WAWCD has the option to give a custom name like "Customer 1" or "Client 1" or "w Receiver_Phone-Number."


Please note that we do not impose any limitation on the quantity of phone numbers, neither in the free trial nor in any of the packages. However, if the numbers are less, remember that WhatsApp does not show numbers older than 90 days on WhatsApp Web. In that case, WAWCD can only extract the numbers shown on the WhatsApp Web. To save yourself from this situation, always keep our tool in your browser and export numbers or use our auto-sync feature.




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