3 Ways To Perform WhatsApp Marketing Using Business WhatsApp Web

by Tim

Updated on Apr 30, 2024


WhatsApp marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for businesses to connect with their customers in a more professional manner. WhatsApp has over two billion monthly active users all over the world, so it provides a vast platform for marketers. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is WhatsApp marketing?
  • Importance of WhatsApp marketing in Businesses. 
  • Three main features WAWCD is providing in WhatsApp Marketing
  1. Smart Replies with ChatGPT. 
  2. Broadcast messages 
  3. Schedule Messaging and Bulk messaging

(WAWCD is still working on the tool to add more features regarding Business WhatsApp)

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

The term WhatsApp Business Marketing refers to using the WhatsApp platform to boost and market products and services to grow customer reach. It utilizes features within WhatsApp Business, like creating business profiles, sending automated messages, using broadcast lists, and providing 24/7 customer support to engage more with customers. WhatsApp-related business marketing keeps its focus on building relationships, providing personalized interactions, and creating new and convenient channels for business and their customers. Today, this type of marketing has become an integral part of modern digital marketing strategies because it offers a direct approach on a personal level to engage customers. Many WhatsApp Chrome extensions like WAWCD have specialized tools and features within the WhatsApp Business app, with which companies can establish an active presence by creating detailed business profiles. These business profiles contain essential information like contact details, locations, and descriptions of their offerings from time to time. This platform performs the role of a mediator between businesses and their customers which ensures customer satisfaction. The main aspect of WhatsApp business marketing is automated messages (now more helpful with the emergence of ChatGPT-enabled features) that can respond to frequently asked questions more quickly. With automated messages, businesses can share updates regarding sales, promotions, order confirmation, and delivery. Moreover, broadcast lists or groups can allow companies to target more specific audiences, enhancing their efficiency of marketing while maintaining a low marketing cost. 

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing in Business:

WhatsApp marketing has become very crucial for companies to connect with their audiences on a more personal level. WhatsApp offers a direct and intimate medium for businesses to communicate with customers. Through WhatsApp Business features, companies can create their own profiles, offer customer support, can share their catalogs, hence, enhancing direct communication that gives a more personal feel than traditional marketing avenues. This direct communication builds trust between customers and businesses and enhances customer experience. Eventually, with WhatsApp marketing companies build their brand presence. WhatsApp marketing tools help businesses address queries and concerns promptly with smart replies powered by ChatGPT. The popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp has transformed the way old marketing techniques work. Marketing through WhatsApp messages is more accessible and convenient than old marketing techniques. In WhatsApp, messages can be tailored based on user’s preferences and behaviors. With these features, companies can create more impactful and targeted marketing. Targeted marketing can improve customer engagement, resulting in generating more revenue.

A very important reason for using WhatsApp as a marketing tool is that, it empowers businesses to create communities and build long-term relationships with their customers. Companies can provide exclusive content by creating broadcast lists. When customers feel satisfied with the products and services of any brand they recommend the brand in their WhatsApp networks. Hence, WhatsApp marketing works in dual ways and it amplifies the impact of a company’s WhatsApp marketing strategies. 

Three main features WAWCD is providing in WhatsApp marketing: 

Our Well-known WhatsApp web extension, WAWCD, offers useful features and tools in WhatsApp marketing to its valuable customers. 

  1. Smart replies with ChatGPT.

Businesses can remain 24/7 available to their customers with the Smart Reply feature, which is very quick and efficient in handling queries. It will help you to answer almost 70% of your customer queries. First, you have to open the WAWCD Chrome extension and then select the CahtGPT tab. After entering the Authorization key, select the smart reply tab. 

  1. All you have to do is enter a keyword and tick the option "reply with ChatGPT" 
  2. After that ChatGPT will automatically respond to the queries that contain your given keyword. For instance, if a customer wants to know anything about the pricing of the advertised products. ChatGPT will send a predefined response but first, you have to enter the keyword “Price” in the smart reply window. This feature will save time and improve customer support. 
  3. WhatsApp Bulk Messages

It is not officially supported by WhatsApp to send messages to numerous people without creating groups at a time. Sending out WhatsApp bulk messages for different purposes like sales, promotions or new product launches is very necessary for businesses. Sending messages one by one will take a lot more time than several messages at once to thousands of people. And this will be possible with the help of the business tool “Broadcasting”, WAWCD is providing. WAWCD provides you with the best business tools with these tools you can not only export chats but also save contacts, rephrasing tools, and ChatGPT connect. Broadcasting messages to numerous contacts at a time and scheduling messaging at different times is now possible by using the WAWCD Chrome extension

  1. Schedule messaging 

You have to follow the given steps for Schedule messaging. 

  1. First, you have to open the tab “Business tools” and then click on “Broadcasting”. 
  2. It will lead you to a window like that, you have to provide all the numbers (or CVS file) in place given for numbers. After that, type your desired messages. 
  3. You can also select the time difference between sending messages in the given window. 

With the time window, you can do more targeted marketing at your desired time without fear of getting blocked by WhatsApp. 

  1. Bulk messaging

For Bulk messaging you have to follow these steps;

  1. Download our Chrome extension WAWCD, and after that choose the tab of Bulk messaging from the menu page. There are three types of Bulk messaging, Targeted broadcast, Manual broadcast, and CSV Broadcast.
  1. In targeted broadcasting you can select all chat, Saved contacts, or non-saved contacts in given tabs. 
  2. In manual broadcast, you can type numbers in the given numbers tab and the message will be sent to your given numbers. 
  1. In CSV broadcast you can choose a file of contacts from your downloaded files list.
  1. In targeted broadcasts, you can also send messages to groups and labels as well. 

You can also send designed media messages like photos or videos by using our template feature with media. Hence WAWCD is providing great marketing tools for the rapid and targeted growth of your businesses.    



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