May 17, 2024


WAWCD allows users to automate WhatsApp messages based on keywords sent by the sender.

In the screenshot above, you can create multiple workflows by clicking the "New Message Workflow" option in the left navigation bar.

You can also rename the workflow.

There are two boxes on the left labeled:

  1. If the Selected Condition is Met.
  2. Do the Following.

Let's say you expect first-time customers to send messages containing "Hello," "Hi," or "Hola."

For example, a message might be: "Hello, how are you?"

This workflow will detect the word "Hello" in the entire sentence and then execute the action specified under "Do the Following."

If you choose "Send Message to Chat," it will send the selected template as a response to the customer.

If you select "Reply with ChatGPT," the workflow will send a general message from ChatGPT.

Another option under "If the Selected Condition is Met" is "Message Matches a Keyword."

This means the workflow will trigger only with an exact keyword match, such as "Hello," "Hi," or "Hola."

If your customer sends "Hello or Hi or Hola" the workflow will trigger. However, if they send "Hello, I need help," it will not trigger, as the workflow only looks for an exact match in this case.


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