Go Offline on WhatsApp Without Disconnecting From The Internet

by Tim

Updated on Apr 30, 2024


WhatsApp is the king of messaging apps and according to recent studies and surveys, it's the most favorite app in the whole world. A prominent indicator of this success is the sheer number of users crossing 2 billion, more than a quarter of the world’s population. If we say that WhatsApp is helping people connect with their loved ones across the globe, it won’t be far from the truth. WhatsApp offers a lot of cool features and options for their users like WhatsApp web, WhatsApp business, WhatsApp proxy, and many more. 

With so much connectivity, sometimes getting a bit of time or focusing on a specific task gets difficult. A way to tackle this problem is by using WhatsApp offline while being connected to a stable internet connection. One might be curious, why go for offline WhatsApp? WhatsApp is being used by people of every background for a plethora of reasons. 

Why go offline on WhatsApp?

Even though we open WhatsApp to communicate with our friends and family, converse with our colleagues, and share funny memes and jokes with each other. But that is not the extent of its use, businesses around the world, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, use WhatsApp business to maintain a constant line of communication with their potential and recurring customers. 

Moreover, educational institutions and organizations are using it to publish notifications and stay connected with their prospects. Many people join a number of groups with hundreds of members constantly sharing content that is sometimes useful and unnecessary on other occasions. 

In all of this clutter, sometimes getting leisure time or simply avoiding some contacts can be a difficult task. This feature of using WhatsApp offline is also useful for people who like to use the app discreetly or value their privacy highly. In this blog, we will share with you how to appear offline in WhatsApp without disconnecting from the internet. 

How to show offline in WhatsApp on mobile phones?

We will share with you several methods to answer the buzzing question of how to not show online on WhatsApp starting with changing the last seen and who can see me online feature. For Android phones, 

  • Go to settings by tapping on the button in the bottom right corner. 
  • Navigate to chat and then privacy.
  • From here you can see the options of “Last seen & Online”.
  • Tap on it and select “Nobody” for people who can see your last seen. 
  • Under this section, you can find who can see I am online and select “Same as last seen”.
  • Now no one can see when you were online and whether you are still offline. 

The process of using this feature is the same except you can directly go to privacy from the settings section. 

How to reply on WhatsApp without the Internet?

Another way to be seen offline on WhatsApp is by using airplane mode. For both Android and iOS, you can swipe down the action center and enable airplane mode or flight mode. Now open WhatsApp and reply to the message you want and when you disable the airplane mode, your message will be sent without showing your online status to anyone. 

How to reply to a message without showing your online status?

If you want to conclude any conversation or want to discreetly respond to a message in a group or to a contact, you can do that with both Android and iOS. When you receive the message, reply from the notification bar for Android tap the message, and select reply to respond without showing online. 

For iOS, slide the message in the notification panel to the left and reply from here with proper privacy. 

A simpler and more efficient way to focus on a particular task or take some time off from WhatsApp is by simply going offline and turning off the internet if possible. There are several WhatsApp privacy tools available in the market to help you use WhatsApp with discretion without notifying the whole block when you are online. 

How to temporarily deactivate WhatsApp?

If you want to enjoy a stable connection on your phone without allowing WhatsApp, deactivating it or disabling an internet connection it is the best way. Simply go to your settings on the Android device and navigate to the manage apps section and from here select WhatsApp. Disable the mobile data, wifi, and background data for WhatsApp and use the internet on your Android device without WhatsApp. 

For iOS the process is different as there is no option for disabling the wifi access. First, disable the wifi connection for your device and then tap on the settings button. Scroll down and find WhatsApp from the apps below and tap on it. From here disable the mobile data connection and now you can use the internet on iOS without allowing access to WhatsApp. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how to use WhatsApp without showing online status. 

Can I go offline on WhatsApp without turning off the internet?

Yes, you can go offline on WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet connection on your mobile phone.

Can I go offline on WhatsApp web without disconnecting from the internet? 

Yes, there are several extensions available on the market to appear offline on WhatsApp web while being connected to the internet and using other services like email or watching videos on YouTube. 

How to appear offline on WhatsApp? 

There are several methods mentioned in the blog like using airplane mode, disabling the last seen and online status feature from WhatsApp, replying from the notification panel, or using some privacy tool. 

Can I deactivate WhatsApp temporarily?

Yes, go to the settings on your phone and disable the internet access to your WhatsApp to deactivate or temporarily restrict it. 

Can I reply to messages on WhatsApp without being seen online?

Yes, you can reply directly from the notification panel of Android and iOS devices or send a message by enabling flight mode and then disabling it. This way your messages will be sent without the recipient knowing your online or offline status.




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