Upgrade Your WhatsApp Usage With These Must-Have Extensions For 2023

by Tim

Updated on Apr 30, 2024


WhatsApp Web has been available for some time. Although the firm often makes new upgrades available on the desktop version of the messaging service, the remainder of the features are quite sparse for an online application.

A very well-liked free instant messaging programme is WhatsApp. Users of this social messaging programme may communicate via text, voicemail, pictures, documents, videos, maps, and voice/video calls. Every day, more than one billion individuals use WhatsApp. That demonstrates how widely used and popular it is around the world.

WhatsApp offers a variety of useful features and is free to use. WhatsApp's latest features have several features, including support for multiple devices and disappearing messages.

Smartphone WhatsApp is pretty sophisticated. On the other hand, WhatsApp Web has a restricted feature set despite periodic upgrades. To enhance the WhatsApp online experience, a tonne of Chrome Extensions is available. The functionalities of WhatsApp's desktop application may be increased with the help of these top browser extensions.

Contact saver for whatsapp

Contact Download or Contact Saver for WhatsApp is the top WhatsApp web plugin on our list. The Contact Saver add-on is a great choice to deal with the pain of exporting and preserving contacts from WhatsApp chats and groups. Users may store contacts, unidentified numbers, etc., from WhatsApp conversations and groups.

Another intriguing feature is the ability to instantly change your WhatsApp status while utilizing the plugin. The contacts will either be exported in vCard or CSV format. The best feature in this extension is that you can download whatsapp group phone numbers.

You may also export your contacts to several formats, including computer, phone, and email. The extension provides a name by placing the letter W directly before the phone number if the contact's name is unknown.


The favourite WhatsApp Web plugin is WAToolkit if you're sick of missing alerts. You won't miss the alerts even if you don't have the WhatsApp tab open on your PC.

A WhatsApp button is included in the toolbar by WAToolkit. You may then constantly see how many messages are still unread. You can also find a list of unread messages by hovering the mouse pointer over the icon.

Cooby: Boost WhatsApp for Business

Cooby is on our list of the top Chome extensions for WhatsApp online. Do you frequently get messages on WhatsApp and struggle to respond to those that are urgent? Utilizing Cooby for that is a wise decision.

You may now organize your chats into separate tabs on your PC here. In this manner, it will be simple for you to find the desired conversation thread.

Some standard system tabs are included with the Chrome addon. These contain the tabs for unread messages, groups, pending responses, 1:1 messages, and required replies. In addition, the plugin allows users to make their tabs.

Web-based WhatsApp Notifier

Is it possible to receive notifications from WhatsApp without opening the app's web version? That is doable using Notifier for WhatsApp Web. You won't ever forget an important notice again if you use the Notifier Chrome addon. We are confident that this will assist you in enhancing the desktop WhatsApp Web experience.

If you're curious about the orange exclamation mark indicator, it indicates connectivity problems. To continue texting, make sure WhatsApp Web is connected to the phone.

Green Multi WhatsApp Messenger

Green Multi Messenger is one of the most dependable Chrome extensions for WhatsApp Web. With this, users may use only one extension to access various social media chat services, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, FB Messenger, etc.

The extension is much more enticing in its most recent version, which has many functions. Users can add useful messaging services and hide others for quick access, for example, using the pin bar. With the help of Green Multi Messenger, it is now simple to use WhatsApp Web and several other messaging services on your desktop without a phone.


Do you desire to disappear on WhatsApp? In that situation, the WAIncognito Chrome Extension can be useful. You may utilize these features to read receipts and status updates, enabling WhatsApp's incognito mode. You no longer have to be concerned about WhatsApp users pestering you or sending you continuous messages.

The read receipts functionality and the last seen updates may be toggled ON and OFF using this Chrome extension's new menu. Additionally, the plugin manages the deleted messages and eventually restores them.

A timeout can also be set. You may set the read receipts to be sent automatically when a predetermined amount of time has passed after the text opened first. You can choose not to send the receipt by choosing the Never option.

Vepaar - WhatsApp CRM

Vepaar is a great option from our selection of Chrome extensions for WhatsApp Web if you want to partially automate your commercial operations on WhatsApp. This browser extension provides several CRM-based capabilities to assist you in managing your business effectively. You can easily establish your company page, conduct surveys, and develop customer profiles.

In addition, Vepaar helps users send personalized answers while storing messages and files. Vepaar makes it simple to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp.

Vepaar supports the sale of goods and services. Additionally, clients may easily investigate your services or goods with the help of this plugin. After installing the extension, you may arrange a demo to learn more about the functionalities.

WhatsApp WA Web Plus

The WA Web Plus is another widely used Chrome addon for WhatsApp. To enhance the WhatsApp Web experience, thousands of users favour this commonly utilized plugin. A variety of features boosts the popularity of this Chrome extension.

Users may easily obfuscate messages and photos using this addon for privacy. Additionally, you may monitor your status while maintaining your anonymity while typing. Additionally, among other things, conversions may be pinned at the top of the screen.

The dark mode is a great feature as well. Utilize it in hectic evenings so you may go on with your work. The extension's additional business capabilities include multiple message broadcasting, auto-replies, CRM connection, etc.

Recovering lost messages, locking the WhatsApp screen, creating unique chat backgrounds, etc., are further noteworthy capabilities.




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