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Updated on May 13, 2024


 What does Cooby do?

Cooby is a WhatsApp extension that enhances the business communication and CRM experience better for the people who use WhatsApp. Cooby integrates WhatsApp with CRM software and offers a range of features and tools for businesses in various sectors, including sales, education, financial services, consulting, and real estate. You can sync your WhatsApp and CRM in both directions using Cooby’s native integration with CRMs. The Cooby Whatsapp CRM feature helps you sync conversational data from WhatsApp to HubSpot and more. There are many other unique features that Cooby offers to its customers, such as CRM contact cards, custom tabs, live chat sharing, WhatsApp notes, WhatsApp reminders, Scheduled events, contact management, broadcasting, and message templates. Despite all these features that Cooby provides, there are a lot of other advanced features that other Chrome extensions offer for a better WhatsApp experience that improves customer relationship management.

Here are 7 Alternatives of Cooby you can try- 


You can experience many features and tools with WAWCD, a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension, for all businesses, whether new or old, big or small; WAWCD is the go-to solution for enhancing CRM and ROIs. WAWCD provides the ultimate tools that are smooth in use and give their users a great WhatsApp web experience.

 The below-listed features are provided by WAWCD

  • Smart replies: WAWCD's AI-driven feature of smart replies can automate 70% of customer queries with instant and precise replies.
  • ChatGPT: This feature makes your conversations more professional, by rephrasing them through ChatGPT. You can refine your messages, add more clarity to them, and translate them into different languages with AI power.
  • Export Contacts: You can export contacts from all WhatsApp chats, back your entire chat history, and safeguard essential messages. 
  • WhatsApp Chat list management: This feature allows you to manage your WhatsApp chat list efficiently, and makes it easy to sort, categorize and access your conversations. 
  • Broadcasting: With the bulk messaging feature you can reach multiple recipients at the same time and can share important updates about your business like sales, promotions, announcements, and orders and deliveries.
  • Schedule messaging: The schedule messaging feature can help in target messaging by choosing a specific time and date. This feature gives you more freedom to send messages according to your convenience and others' availability. You can also add delay time between messages.
  • Label Export: With this exciting feature, you can further filter your customers, divide them into desired groups, and label them according to your choice or their needs. You can organize your WhatsApp interactions with label export. 

Advice: If you want to grow your marketing game to a great extent, WAWCD is your go-to Chrome extension. Its AI-powered features like smart replies, Broadcasting, Scheduled messaging, privacy features, Bulk messaging, and export contacts and chats can help you to be the best in CRM. It will be wise to pay for WAWCD in today’s time and get this best Chrome extension


Eazybe offers more features than Cooby, like Team Inbox, to get a snapshot of your Team’s WhatsApp conversation, Quick replies, schedule messages, Broadcast messages, etc. Below is the list of the features that Eazybe has to offer.

  • CRM integrations: Eazybe Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms like Google, Sheets, Bitrix, Hubspot, and Zoho. It means you can back up Your WhatsApp conversations in your CRM. This integration between WhatsApp and CRM platforms will save you time from switching between devices. 
  • Team Inbox: The “Team Inbox” feature offers complete visibility into your team’s WhatsApp chats and analytics. This feature helps teams collaborate more effectively and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s agenda and customer demands.
  • Custom Labeling: This app's users can create custom labels and categorize the chat into different labels according to customer’s specific needs and demands.
  • Chat Organization: Eazybe can automatically sort your chats into tabs under categories like “Unread” and “Groups.” This tool simplifies chat for you and allows you to prioritize conversations.
  • Follow-Ups: Eazybe provides its customers with the feature of follow-ups within your chats. It includes notes, e-mail IDs, and amounts, too. This feature helps you to become aware of essential conversations and tasks.
  • Chat GPT-powered AI suggestions: Eazybe includes the feature of ChatGPT-powered AI Suggestions, which provide smart recommendations for refining and improving your conversations. This feature enhances the quality of your responses towards your customers. 

Advice: If you want a Chrome extension with a different CRM and also want to monitor your team, then Eazybe is the best app for you. If you want to use it with CRM, its other smart features like quick reply, labels, scheduler, broadcast messages, and Google Calendar will significantly help you.

WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus Chrome extension treats its customers with unique features such as blurring private information, locking your WhatsApp screen for more security, and hiding the blue tick and “typing” status indicators. Below are some of the features offered by WA Web Plus:

  • Multiple Message Broadcasting: You can send multiple customized messages to multiple recipients at the same time. 
  • Smart Auto Replies: Your customers will never have to wait with smart automatic replies for their FAQs and queries. 
  • Webhooks: It enables your WhatsApp with custom APIs, and automated responses, and sends custom requests to your endpoints. 
  • Contact Lists and Groups Exporting: With this feature, you can save and export your contact lists, start new leads, and then convert them into customers. 

Advice: With many good features, WA Web lacks many modern tools, such as AI-generated features, which are very helpful today. Only paying for WhatsApp Screen lock, enabling dark mode, and adding reaction buttons may not be a wise choice now because these features are available on WhatsApp Web for free now. So, decide by seeing your needs while choosing WA Web Plus. 

WA Deck

WA Deck is a Chrome extension and an AI assistance for CRM workflow optimization. The features and tools offered by WA Deck will help you manage your WhatsApp conversations and contacts. Here are some of the features provided by WA Deck-

  • Labels:  You can create custom labels and organize your chat more efficiently with this feature. You can categorize your contacts according to your needs.
  • Templates: WA Desk provides easy-to-create templates to contact your audience effortlessly.  
  • AI: Smart replies powered by AI can help you access your customers in no time and more accurately. 
  • Status Update: You can now manage your WhatsApp status directly from WhatsApp Web, it simplifies the process of updating your status. 

Advice: The only different feature on WA Deck is posting your status from WhatsApp Web. Other than that, modern features are unavailable in this app, such as Integration with CRM, schedule messaging, creating follow-ups, and tasks. So, businesses seeking boost and growth may not benefit from this app.

WA Sender

When we talk about the features WA Sender offers, there are some excellent features like messaging limits, Excel upload, and privacy options. In the Pro version, you get more tools like bulk messaging and attachment sending, adding delay time between the messages. Here is the list of features WA Sender is offering-

  • Auto reply: You can engage your customers instantly with the auto-reply feature. It makes your communication more rapid and streamlined. 
  • Pin Unread Chats: By pinning unread chats to the top, you can remain up-to-date and aware of the new developments in your chat room. 
  • Sent/Failed reports: WA sender provides you with the facility to access and download the sent/failed messages reports, which gives you valuable insight into message delivery. 

Advice: The Auto-reply feature is good, but WhatsApp business also provides this feature as an inbuilt feature in WhatsApp. Getting reports of sent and failed messages is also a good feature, but more is needed to justify paying for this app. You can also see the status of the transmitted or failed messages by opening the person's chat.


Whatsup+ allows you to enjoy a great messaging experience. It will enable you to create automatic messages, Schedule messages, and create message templates. Using WhatsUp+, you can perform bulk group actions like cloning, editing, destroying, and joining and managing groups professionally. Here are some features of WhatsUp Plus –

  • Privacy: You can maintain your privacy with privacy features like not showing your typing status or your online status. 
  • Theme: This app gives you a dark theme feature to prolong and enjoy your usage.
  • Integration: This app can integrate with webhooks to extend your connectivity and automatic responses. 
  • Recover Messages: This feature allows you to recover your deleted messages, so, you don’t fear losing important chat.

Advice: Hiding your online status or typing indicator is a good feature, but that is only some of what you need from a Chrome extension. This app is also limited because it can only integrate with Webhooks. The main drawback of this app is the unavailability of modern AI features like smart replies and CRM integration is also absent.

Prime Sender

Prime Sender is a great app for sending messages and maximizing broadcasting capabilities. While saving templates, you can make your messages more refined and effective with attachments and captions. Here are some of the features of Prime Sender-

  • Quick Reply: You can respond quickly by using quick responses. 
  • Notifications: With real-time updates, you can stay updated through time-to-time notifications and will never miss an important message.
  • Captions: By adding catchy captions you can enhance the effect and reach of your messages.
  • Message Formatting: You can customize your messages with provided formatting options like bold, italic, and emojis and make them more attractive and appealing. 

Advice: The facilities and features Prime Sender offers are also available on WhatsApp Web. So, I don’t see any need to purchase special services for these features. Moreover, CRM integration and AI features are not available.


Cooby has gained widespread attention for its unique features like Whatsapp CRM and customer relationship management, but other apps are helpful and contain various features according to customers’ needs. The further WhatsApp Web extensions listed above, WAWCD, Eazybe, WA Web Plus, WA Deck, WA Sender, WhatsApp Plus, and Prime Sender, each have unique features and some features in common.


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