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by Tim

Updated on Apr 30, 2024


Are you tired of using WhatsApp Web on your PC and having a poor experience?. Do you have any suggestions for how to use WhatsApp on the web more effectively? We've compiled a list of the top WhatsApp Web extensions for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, so you don't need to go any further.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is an extremely popular instant messaging app. Users of this social messaging app can connect via text, voicemail, images, documents, videos, maps, and voice/video calls in addition to using the social messaging app. More than one billion people use WhatsApp every single day. That indicates how broadly accepted and well-liked it is on a global scale.

WhatsApp is available for free and has a number of useful features. Numerous innovations, including support for multiple devices and disappearing messages, are included in WhatsApp's most current version. 

WhatsApp on mobile devices is quite complex. Conversely, despite regular updates, WhatsApp Web offers a limited feature set. There are a tonne of Chrome Extensions available to improve the WhatsApp online experience. These popular browser extensions can assist in expanding the capabilities of WhatApp's desktop application.

Note that the browser extensions listed below are compatible with all Chromium-based web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Brave, Torch, Vivaldi, etc. 

1.The Best Chrome Extensions to Improve WhatsApp Web Experience

There are numerous browser add-ons that can improve the WhatsApp Web experience. Based on your usage, take into account installing one or more of the carefully selected Chrome extensions for WhatsApp Web. 

  • Boost WhatsApp for Business, says WhatsApp Contact Download.
  • The top spot on our ranking belongs to WhatsApp Contact Download.

On our ranking of the best online Chrome extensions for WhatsApp contact downloader, WhatsApp Contact Download is at the top. Do you have multiple numbers in your chat in whatsapp? Do you want to save them on your phone? WhatsApp Contact Download use for that is a sensible choice.

On your PC, you may need to download the Chrome extension of WhatsApp Contact Download. 

  • To establish an account, input the number and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Start by reading the terms and then following the instructions to create your account.
  • In the WhatsApp Contact Download add-on that has been downloaded to your PC's browser, go through the process of entering your login information.
  • Log in with your Google account using the browser version of WhatsApp.
  • When you go on the internet, you may discover a way to keep the mysterious numbers on your WhatsApp. When you click Save Now, the program will look through all of your WhatsApp conversations to identify the digits.

2. WhatsApp Notifier for the Web

Is it possible to get WhatsApp notifications without opening the web version of the app? Using Notifier for WhatsApp Web, you may accomplish that. If you use the Notifier Chrome add-on, you won't ever miss an important notification again. We're optimistic that this will help you improve the WhatsApp Web experience on desktop. 

If you're wondering what the orange exclamation point on your screen means, it means connectivity issues. Ensure WhatsApp Web is linked to the phone in order to continue texting.

If you're wondering what the orange exclamation point on your screen means, it means connectivity issues. Ensure WhatsApp Web is linked to the phone in order to continue texting.

When a red X in the shape of a symbol displays, the web session has been started in a different computer or browser. The WhatsAppTM Web, on the other hand, is loading as indicated by the grey indicator with (...).

3. Multiple WhatsApp Messengers in green

One of the most trusted Chrome extensions for WhatsApp Web is Green Multi Messenger. With this, users may access numerous social media chat services, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, FB Messenger, and many more, with only one extension.

The most recent version of the extension, which contains several features, is considerably more alluring. Using the pin bar, for instance, users can add useful messaging services and hide others for easy access. 

It is now simple to utilise WhatsApp Web and several other messaging services on your PC without a phone thanks to Green Multi Messenger. 

4. WAIncognito and WAToolkit.

If you're tired of missing alerts, WAToolkit is the go-to WhatsApp Web plugin. Even if the WhatsApp tab on your PC isn't open, you won't miss the alerts.

WAToolkit adds a WhatsApp button to the toolbar. The number of messages that have still to be read may then be continuously shown. Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon will reveal a list of unread messages. You don't want to see the WhatsApp button, do you? That's easy! To make it visible, click on the Hide option. To use the chat window for sending and receiving messages, text bubbles can be enabled.

Do you want to vanish from WhatsApp? The WAIncognito Chrome Extension can be useful in that circumstance. By utilising these options, you can enable WhatsApp's incognito mode and read receipts and presence updates. No longer do you have to worry about WhatsApp users bugging you or bombarding you with messages.

Using the new menu of this Chrome extension, you may turn ON and OFF the read receipts and latest seen updates features. The plugin also keeps track of deleted messages and eventually brings them back.

You can also set a timeout. The read receipts can be set to be delivered automatically after a certain length of time has passed since the text was first opened. By selecting the Never option, you can decide not to send the receipt.

The second-best WhatsApp web plugin on our list is WhatsApp Contact Saver. If you want to deal with the hassle of exporting and maintaining contacts from WhatsApp chats and groups, the Contact Saver add-on is a great option. Users may keep contacts, unidentified numbers, and other information from WhatsApp conversations and groups here. 

The option to rapidly update your WhatsApp status while using the plugin is another exciting feature. Either vCard or CSV format will be used to export the contacts.

Additionally, you may export your contacts in a number of different formats, such as computer, phone, and email addresses. If the contact's name is unknown, the extension gives a name by adding the letter W right before the phone number.

5. WA Web Plus for WhatsAppTM

Another popular WhatsApp Chrome extension is WA Web Plus. Thousands of people favour this often used plugin to improve their experience with WhatsApp on the web. This Chrome extension's popularity is increased by a number of features. 

In order to protect their privacy, users can easily obscure messages and images. You can also keep an eye on your status while still typing in anonymity. Conversions may also, among other things, be pinned at the top of the screen.

Another excellent feature is the dark mode. Use it during busy nights so you can finish your task. Additional business features of the extension include multiple message broadcasting, auto-replies, CRM integration, etc.




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