10 reasons why

Enterprises choose WAWCD

WAWCD is WhatsApp's most comprehensive tool.


Enhances WhatsApp's performance, seamlessly

Our tool seamlessly enhances WhatsApp's performance without altering your existing user experience.



WAWCD enables users to integrate ChatGPT to elevate their WhatsApp chat experience, making interactions with customers more professional. Additionally, it automates workflows with ChatGPT.


Keep Your Existing WhatsApp Number and Chat Within It, Hassle-Free!

WAWCD differs from other software on the market that requires purchasing a new WhatsApp number for automation. With WAWCD, you can utilize your existing number without any additional cost for WhatsApp APIs.


Privacy-First WhatsApp Extension

Your WhatsApp stays your WhatsApp. We are stringent about data privacy and continuously enhance our infrastructure to maintain your privacy. WAWCD also provides privacy features such as blurring your WhatsApp chats, contacts, and profile pictures. This ensures that if you are working in an office environment, no one can peek into your WhatsApp.


Automate 90% of customer queries

Boost sales and support more customers with minimal human interaction and at a low cost. We offer a solution to train a bot with your business model and let WAWCD handle the rest for you.


Broadcasting while avoiding WhatsApp blocks

WAWCD includes enhancements like adding delays and scheduling messages at different times. With the audience feature, you can send messages to active chats. These improvements help prevent your account from getting blocked.


Endless integrations

We offer popular platform integrations such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and many more. WAWCD also provides custom integrations with your unique CRMs. Our team is ready to customize solutions to meet your organization's needs.


Low Cost

WAWCD offers a low-cost solution for businesses. We do not use Whats Apis, so you don't have to pay for APIs. Our prices are 83% lower than tools that enable WhatsApp automation with APIs and 60% less than other similar tools in the market.



The key to any marketing is analytics. Every action you perform needs to be tracked to understand user behavior. WAWCD enables analytics within the broadcasting and export features, allowing you to see the effectiveness of your broadcasts and identify chats with no user interaction.


Open Core

Better collaboration and faster innovation. Sync your WhatsApp with your existing CRM. Send messages to your customers whenever they make a transaction on any of your websites, regardless of the technology used. Open core empowers you to build a solution that truly meets your needs while shaping the future of our roadmap.


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