The Best Method For Exporting Contacts From WhatsApp To CSV

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Updated on Apr 30, 2024


Since being bought by Facebook in 2015, more than 13 years after it was initially released, WhatsApp Messenger has dominated the cross-platform messaging industry. WhatsApp is a messaging app available on almost all smartphones with an internet connection.

Voice over IP and instant messaging are both supported by WhatsApp, a cross-platform piece of free software. WhatsApp offers a wide range of other features in addition to text and voice interactions that may be beneficial to you personally or professionally.

The features that make WhatsApp versatile and useful include voice talks, video calls, group formation, sharing of files, photographs, contacts, and location. As a Windows, Android, and iOS-compatible instant chat software, this one proves its worth. 

WhatsApp makes it simple to share multimedia, private WhatsApp Groups, and end-to-end encrypted instant messages. By utilizing the WhatsApp web feature, this program may run on desktop and mobile devices, simplifying and enabling file sharing between many platforms possible.

WhatsApp Messenger is a versatile, adaptable, and user-friendly messaging application available in 60 different languages all around the world. The cherry on top is that all of this is available to you without cost or interruption by commercials.

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app and the main method of Internet communication over the entire Indian subcontinent, Latin America, and several regions of North America.

Given that WhatsApp delivers over 100 billion messages per day, you won't be unsatisfied with the amount of service this add-on offers.

Ways to Export Contacts From WhatsApp

There are two ways to export contacts from WhatsApp.

All methods for exporting contacts from WhatsApp, including group contacts and ways to export contacts from iOS and Android devices, are covered in this area. WhatsApp is essential if you use it for business since it enables you to back all of your customer's accounts in case your phone is misplaced or you need to share these connections with coworkers.

Method 1: Download a CSV file for WhatsApp contacts (Android)

First, let's discuss getting the WhatsApp contacts as a CSV file. A useful tool is the "Export Contacts for WhatsApp" Chrome extension, which is offered in the Chrome web store.


Method 2 (Android/iOS)

Contacts from WhatsApp Groups exported to Excel

For individuals and organizations that you haven't added to your WhatsApp contacts, this tactic is useful. The procedure comprises exporting the group contacts as an Excel file using a web browser. You must sign onto WhatsApp Web to complete this process.

Are WhatsApp Contacts Exportable?

You may download a file containing all of your WhatsApp contacts. So, yeah, it is the solution. Having a backup copy of all your contacts on WhatsApp is helpful if an accident causes the loss of all of your contacts on your smartphone.

You may export your WhatsApp contacts and keep a backup copy of them using one of two quick and easy methods. These strategies include:

Your whole contact list should be exported as an a.csv file.

Export all of your contacts using Gmail.

You may use one of these methods to create a backup copy of your existing WhatsApp contacts in case your current smartphone is misplaced, broken, lost, or wiped, or if you change your mobile phone number and device.

Let's walk through the two contact exporting techniques listed above step by step.

Tips for WhatsApp Contacts Export

Method 1 is exporting WhatsApp contacts to an a.csv file.

Step 1: On your Windows OS PC browser, launch the company's Chrome extension for WhatsApp contact downloader.

After installing the software, kindly run it.

Step 2: Start the extension, then turn on your iOS or Android phone and export the WhatsApp contacts you wish to export.

Step 3: Hold off until step 4's progress meter fills up. When it says "Backup Complete," the procedure is complete. Click View to see all of your WhatsApp backups.

Choose the backup by using the Browse button located next to it.

Step 5: Your live WhatsApp contacts and messages will be visible in the backup. Choose the contacts you wish to export as soon as possible. Select Recover to Computer at the bottom of the screen after that.

Step 6: Next, choose CSV as your extraction strategy and press Recovery. You'll find an a.csv file containing all of your exported contacts. This file can be kept as a backup or anywhere you choose. That's it.

You may export your contacts and all of your chats using the WhatsApp contact downloader extension. You may back up any shared media, including pictures and attachments.

Method 2: Use Gmail to export WhatsApp contacts

Step 1: Start your computer, then enter your login information to access your Gmail account.

Step 2: Select the Settings icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Go to Contacts in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click the down arrow and choose More. Select Import next.

Step 4: After that, select a CSV file and hit OK. Your Gmail account will get an export of your WhatsApp connections.

Remember that you will need a computer if you want to export all of your WhatsApp contacts with the WhatsApp contact downloader Chrome extension. So easy. Your computer's WhatsApp contact downloader will enable you to swiftly find any of your misplaced connections.

(Android/iOS) Export every contact from WhatsApp at once

If you find all of the above procedures to be too complex, try this tool called iTransor for WhatsApp, which is designed to handle WhatsApp data simply and effectively.


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